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Package Material Specifications are the building blocks of FCSD's individual service parts packaging specifications. They describe unique packaging materials or instructions, and each is assigned a control number found in the upper right hand corner of the document. The control number structure is generally either all numerics, or numerics with alpha prefix(es). These documents are listed in the table below sorted by control number, first in numeric order, then alphabetic/numeric order.

To assure that you are packaging to the latest version of a particular material specification, please check this web page for the last revision date referenced. With the establishment of this web site, new or revised material specifications will not automatically be mailed to you. If you have supplied your e-mail address to Creative Data Inc., an e-mail message will be sent notifying you whenever a material specification is revised.

Please download a particular Package Material Specification by clicking on the appropriate group link below and then on the following page, click the blue link of the Material Specification number. This will download to your computer the chosen specification which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or higher to view the document.

You can also search for a Package Material Specification by entering a Material Number or Keyword into the search box at the top of the page, and then clicking on the Submit button.

If you need a specification that is not listed, please contact Creative Data Inc. at 011-734-453-3132, or e-mail them at fcsdpkg@creativedatainc.com, and they will provide the specification to you if it is available.

Printed copies of documents contained in this web site are uncontrolled. You should always refer back to this web site for the latest documentation.

  Direct Link to Most Commonly Referenced Package Material Specifications  
 L1287 Country of Origin Label
 F1000 F1000 Series Cartons
 F-MFSER Ford and Motorcraft Decorative Folding Cartons
 F-MFPOLY Ford and Motorcraft Decorative Poly Bags
 F-MFLSER  Ford and Motorcraft Labels
 GLOBAL2D Global 2D Bar Code
 LSB0003-6 Ford and Motorcraft Parts Identification Label
 A1000 Master Shipping Containers
 A2000 Master Shipping Containers
 LSB0001X Omnicraft Label
 MCSER Master Shipping Containers
 1660-1 Pallet
 1690 Pallet Stretch Wrap
 PB1 Poly Bag
 PRINT Printing Instructions and Label Placement Guide
 L1569 Service Parts Unit Package Bar Code 39
 L1522 UPC Bar Code
 S28 NewAir I.B.┬« Inflatable Barrier Bubble┬« Cushioning
 1379 Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Material
 2429 Alloy Wheel Packaging
  Package Material Specification Number  

  Material Supplier (M-Role) Package Material Specifications  
 Bulk Master Label  AIAG Bulk Container Master Shipping Label